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Eco Electricians NZ

Electroworx Electrical set the standard in energy efficient living. We cover all types of electrical work from 24 hour emergency work to fitting out hi-rise buildings in Wellington city.

Currently covering the greater Wellington region, we are experts in making your home make a much smaller impact on our environment. We have experience in AC and DC electrics, Solar, Batteries, Ventilation and other cutting edge technologies.

We are the electrical fitter for New Zealand’s first 10 star home builders and have high expertise in Ventilation.


Auckland Electricians

Service for Auckland region coming soon.

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Wellington Electricians

Experienced, top-quality electricians at reasonable rates.

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Why be energy efficient?

Solar for your home or business

Through our sister company Solarworx, we can offer both on-grid and off-grid solar solutions. Contact us to see how Solar today will help you save tomorrow!

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Ventilation for your home

There has never been a more important time to ensure your business or household is well ventilated. We are experts in passive home ventilation systems and have applied this methodology and thinking to all ventilation systems.

Ventilation comes down to 3 main types in the Kiwi home.

Extractor Fans
Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems
Heat Recovery Balanced Ventilation Systems

Extractor fans are found in most households today. These typically take the form of kitchen and bathroom water vapour removal. It’s important that these are correctly installed and vent out to a correct part of the property. Noise and consumption are also important considerations.

Ever been in the situation of not wanting to run the kitchen fan for extended periods as it’s noisy?

Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems are very common in New Zealand households. It is now a requirement that all ventilation from these systems draw in air from outside and not from the roof space as the older systems have done. This improves air quality, but not air temperature. These systems will allow for air to be constantly pushed throughout the house however heating can become an expensive operation keeping a house warm.

Heat Recovery Balanced Ventilation Systems that are based on passive home systems are the ultimate in home ventilation. They are extremely efficient, will greatly reduce heating costs for your property but are also expensive and need to be professionally design and installed.

Contact us today to discuss your ventilation needs.

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Electrical for your home

24/7 Electricians available at short notice to recover you from dark places. Our team operates around the clock and has experience from wiring commercial premises and homes to fixing your hot water cylinder. No job is too big or small.

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Heating and cooling for your home

Heating & cooling are an important part of living with power. We have excellent solutions that will keep you temperate and keep your costs down.

Our electricians are qualified & experienced heat pump installers. We have experience in heat pump hot-water, pool heat pumps, outdoor heating solutions and everything cooling. Importantly, we look to future proof your home with equipment that will operate in the fast moving electrical world we now find ourselves in.

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Automation for your home

Automation is much more important than just controlling things from your phone. It's about being smart with your energy. Being able to control when and how energy is used. This also enables you to get the most out of discounted power rates and home solar generation.

From as little as $3500 you can turn your home into a smart home. Control your lights, curtains, heating and more. Contact us for an appraisal and let us show you how to be 'Smart at home'

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New Build Electrical

Get your new home wiring right! We design and install wiring with the future in mind. Walking through your electrical plan at Electroworx we can show you how to have your home ready for the future. Automation, balanced phasing, EV wiring for a future EV and being ready for solar are just some of the things we specialise in.

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We are extremely happy with our system. The team was in and out within the day and we now have a clear reduction in our monthly power bills. We expect to have it pay for itself within 9 years. Cheers Solarworx!
- Alan Bradbury

Energy efficiency news

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